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Can child support be used for rent?

In Arizona, a custodial parent can use child support costs for rent. Child support is designed to help a parent cover their child’s expenses. Arizona lawmakers have established guidelines to ensure that a parent can receive a fair amount of child support based on their income.

If you have concerns or questions regarding child support in Arizona, get in touch with Blanchette Law PLLC. Our child support lawyer in Tempe, AZ can give you information about Arizona’s child support laws. In the meantime, we have answered some of the most common questions about whether child support can be used for rent and similar topics.

can child support be used for rent

Can child support be used as income for rent?

Yes, if you are a parent receiving child support in Arizona, you can use the money you get to cover your child’s basic needs. This means you can utilize child support funds to pay for rent or a mortgage. These funds can also be used for costs relating to your child’s healthcare, transportation, and any others required to help you raise your child.

“Income shares model”

Arizona uses an income shares model to determine how much a parent should pay in child support. The model is based on how much each parent would financially contribute to a child’s well-being if they were together. Typically, the non-custodial parent is required to pay a portion of their income as child support to a custodial parent.

If you are paying child support in Arizona but do not believe the money you provide is being used properly, a Tempe child support lawyer at Blanchette Law PLLC can help. We can review your child support order and help you figure out if a request for modification is warranted. If so, our attorney will make sure your request is filed properly and put you in the best position to get your child support costs reduced.

What are the basic needs that child support covers in Arizona?

Child support is intended to cover a child’s basic needs, including:

  • Appropriate clothing for each season
  • Rent or mortgage
  • Electricity, gas, and other utilities
  • Medical care
  • Transportation expenses for getting to home, school, and various places and activities

In a custody case, each parent may be required to provide a copy of their taxes to verify their income. A judge can review this information to understand how much each parent earns and determine an appropriate amount of child support. The judge will follow Arizona’s child support guidelines to decide on a child support amount but can deviate from them as needed based on the case.

What is considered “appropriate” housing?

Appropriate housing is considered any type of residence where a child is deemed safe, such as:

  • House
  • Condo
  • Apartment

A judge considers the housing that parents can provide to their children. If one parent cannot provide a child with a safe place to live and the other cannot, a judge may provide the former with full or primary custody. The judge may also request this parent receive child support as well.

How can I get started with a Tempe child support attorney?

Child support cases in Arizona can be complicated, but having an attorney at your disposal can be beneficial. A child support attorney in Tempe considers each case as its own entity and can work with you to address any child support issues. Plus, your attorney advocates for you and makes sure that your best interests are represented in court.

Blanchette Law PLLC can help you with your Tempe child support case. To learn more or request a consultation, please call us today at (602) 881-1748.

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